‘My Home’ was an intergenerational project that ran for 6 months where we worked with older adults and primary school children. It was run in partnership with AgeUK Enfield,  Enfield Caribbean Association and Fleecefield School. 


During the project both groups shared experiences of living in the borough of Edmonton. We used drama, poetry, song, reminiscence and storytelling to explore the themes of childhood games, school, moving and migration, celebrations and changes.

‘The community is all together, it makes us feel we belong.’ 

- Parent

'The connections between the adults and children was beautiful.' 

parent from Fleecefield School

'It made me feel I belong.' 

Older participant’

'Since I did the shows with you, I am not shy anymore.' 


‘I liked it when the audience laughed at the funny parts.’ 


‘I liked the acting, I didn’t think I would be able to do it, but you helped me to feel confident.’ 


‘I enjoyed learning about the past, the old days.’


‘This work should be happening in every school, it’s such a great way for children to learn and make connections with older people.’ 


‘What can I say? The connections between the adults and the children and the way it all flowed together so smoothly, it was fantastic.’


'The stories are fascinating, especially hearing about other countries and cultures, we are always learning’ 

Older participant

‘All my talents were buried inside me, now thanks to the team, it has sowed a seed for me, and I feel I am beginning to blossom.’

Older participant

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