JaZanne believes in and has witnessed the transformational power of the arts bringing older people and children together. 

What is it?

We run bespoke programmes working with small groups of vulnerable children and older adults through music, drama and storytelling and if it is appropriate, the group can perform at the older people’s venue, the school and or a local arts/community venue.

Who is it for?

Building Bridges is for Older people from a residential home, day centre or luncheon club, including those with dementia or/and from Caribbean communities, plus independent older volunteers and young people from their local school.

Aims of the Programme

  • To reduce isolation
  • To improve confidence and self esteem
  • To build community Cohesion
  • To raise awareness around issues of age
  • To bring older people and children together to mutually improve lives

How many participants?

We would aim to bring together 6-10 older people (dependent on their needs) and 10 young people per project.

If appropriate they would then share their creativity with other older people and young people from their organisations, plus family and friends.

Where is it?

We can run bespoke sessions either at the older person’s venue at the school or at a local arts venue depending on the logistics for each organisation.

We would need a space large enough for 20 people to be able to move around (including wheelchair users) and 25 chairs.

How long is it?

The timeframe is negotiated with each separate project. On average it would be 8 – 12 sessions in total.

It can run as an after-school club, a holiday project or over a school term during school time.

How is it run?

We begin the programme with sessions exclusively with the older people and separately with the children.

We introduce the arts techniques we will be using, raise awareness and discuss assumptions about age. 

We then introduce the groups to each other with carefully constructed games, exercises, stories and songs so that all the participants have creative and accessible activities in order to get to know each other and share experiences. 

Once the group has got to know each other we work on a creative project with the aim that, if appropriate, they share their final product be it music, stories or drama. 

How much will it cost?

We will support the participating organisations to achieve grant funding for the project, so that there is no direct financial cost.

We will need staff support and space in both venues to run the sessions, plus refreshments for the participants if appropriate.

Who will run the project?

JaZanne Arts directors will set up the project with the school and older person’s venue and ensure the smooth running of the project.

At least one of the directors plus other experienced arts facilitators will deliver the sessions.

There will be 1 -2 facilitators at each session plus trained older volunteers.

Safeguarding Procedures

The Jazanne Arts directors are both trained to an advance level in Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, we take safeguarding extremely seriously.

You can view our safeguarding policy here (create link).

"I thought the oldies would be boring at first, but they’re pretty cool especially when they did a rap!"

- Younger Participant

"I have made more friends and I enjoy being around other people, I am usually alone all day."

Older Participant

"They learnt all about Ponders End in the old days and we learnt about each other." 

Older Participant

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