Building bridges

 Inter-generational Arts

 JaZanne believes in and has witnessed the transformational power of the arts to improve well being through bringing older people and children together. We run bespoke programmes working with small groups of vulnerable children and older adults through music, drama and storytelling and if it is appropriate, the group can perform both at the older people’s venue and at the school.

JaZanne works with the school and local older person’s home or centre making the links and creating a bespoke programme.

We begin the programme with sessions exclusively with the older people and separately with the children. We introduce the arts techniques we will be using and raise awareness and discuss assumptions about age.

We then introduce the groups to each other with carefully constructed games, exercises, stories and songs so that all the participants have creative and accessible activities in order to get to know each other and share experiences.

Once the group has got to know each other we work on a creative project with the aim that, if appropriate, the final product be it music, stories, drama can be shared at school and at the older person’s club or residential home.

 JaZanne works with a group of active older volunteers and we actively support the development of older artists making links with schools and the wider community.