In Memoriam

Isadora Edwards

Isadora was a nurse in London for many years. Then she volunteered for Home Start an organisation where you look after mums who have children under 5 years old.  She also did Age Concern cross generational projects where she went to different 6th form colleges and spoke to them about her life.

She performed with Age Exchange and in many plays at Face Front Inclusive Theatre with Annie and Jacqui including ‘The Determined and the Damned’, and ‘Between the Wi and the Fi’.

Her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren loved to see her perform.

She will be missed by a great many people in her family, local community and the numerous groups that she supported and took part in.

Phyllis Grant

Phyllis was a nurse who worked in many hospitals in London. She was a bubbly and cheerful person who always had a smile and wise words to share with others. She was very creative and it was her who suggested that Aurora Drama Group write the book ‘Through My Window’ which was subsequently turned into a radio play. Retirement did not slow Phyllis down and she went on to join and support numerous groups in Newham including ‘Agewell’ and ‘Plaistow Big Local South’.

She will be is fondly remembered by a great many people as her legacy lives on.


Valerie Williamson

Valerie Williamson was a primary school teacher who cared deeply about the children she worked with. She loved maths and was always thinking of ways to support children who struggled to enable them to feel empowered. Val had a great zest for life and loved travelling covering the globe with her husband Keith, her guitar and Inky their mascot. One of her most favourite places was Easter Island.

Val and joined Aurora Drama group where she wrote and performed a piece for a radio show and even persuaded Keith to join her. Later she joined the Dream Team and was one of the main inspirations the piece Act Now.

She will fondly remain in the thoughts the many people across the world who she met and made laugh.

Ann McGilchrist

Ann was a Deputy Head Teacher for many years who contributed so much to the lives of young people and those around her. She was very down to earth and was always straight talking. With a love of travel and gaining new experiences, she easily made friends from around the world and in her local community. After retiring she went on to explore her spiritual and creative side in many ways ranging from working with colours and crystals to writing and performing.

Later she ran a writing workshop for Mind and supported many new writers to develop confidence to pen their work. After this she performed for many years with Face Front Inclusive Theatre in a wide range of plays including ‘Ponderful People’ ‘The Determined and the Damned’ and ‘The Originators’.

While with Jazanne she joined Aurora and the Dream Team performing ‘Reflections’ a piece she wrote and performed that included a part for her beloved cat.

Ann will be remembered by all those she touched with fondness and appreciation.

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